Why You Should Never Settle

Never ever settle. I wasted 6.5 years of my life with someone who I thought loved me.

I was actually thinking yesterday, how much that man ruined my life, how I wished I had gone at the start of the abuse (1 year in.. our anniversary in fact) how I wished I had the strength I have now.. back then.

The fact is, I was a little girl. 14, thought I knew best. Despite my entire family and friends warning me.
Scarred is a good word. There will forever be scars, mental scars, and thankfully only the one physical.
6.5 years, I was trapped. I had everyone around me, yet I felt totally alone. Nobody knew the full extent of my existence. (I wouldn’t consider it a “life”)
The things I went through as a teenager were absolutely disgusting. Nobody. NOBODY has the right to feel like they own you. YOU are not property!

They’re never going to change. They don’t love you. It’s a game, and an ego boost for them. They will break your spirit, until all you are is a crying, nervous, shell of the once amazing confident, intelligent person you were.
But then that’s when you’re stuck…
You couldn’t possibly live without them? After all, you’re fat, ugly, worthless, disgusting. Who would want you, except for them?
They’re doing you a favour. Nobody else would put up with you.

You’re amazing, there’s a ton of people who think you’re great and are worried sick about you. You don’t deserve It, and none of it has anything to do with you! You don’t “drive them to it”… that’s what they say to you, so they can remain detached.
Please guys, just fucking leave. It’ll be hard, scary, and you’ll probably feel like you’re gonna be alone forever. Trust me. You won’t.
You deserve nothing less than being treated like the fucking god/goddess that you are.
Fuck domestic abuse. 🖕

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