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Introducing.. GrapsChat!

I’ve been a massive wrestling fan ever since I was a kid. No, seriously – I was obsessed with it. I discovered Jeff Hardy at age 8 and fell in love. Shortly followed by my obsession with Lita and Trish and The Hardy Boyz!

Something I always found hard as a fan was how far away you could feel from your favourite wrestlers. Most of the talent I followed when I was younger were working miles away in the states. It was sometimes hard to feel a connection with these people that had been such a huge part of my life for so long. They almost didn’t feel real, because of the distance. Especially back in the 90s when all we had was VHS tapes that we would all pass around!

Graps Chat was founded by Welsh Pro Wrestler Kat Von Kaige, after she realised there was a gap in the market.

“There’s plenty of sites where you can get celebrity messages but I realised there was no such place especially for Indie Wrestlers, so i thought.. Why not?! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With the effects of the global pandemic still in full swing, it was a lovely way to keep that fan interaction but also still be able to earn a (albeit small) living from wrestling” – Kat Von Kaige

If you don’t know already, is the first entertainment agency ever to specialise in direct interaction with independent wrestlers.

That’s right, they were established long before the WWE or Pro Wrestling Tees announced theirs. GrapsChat built for wrestlers by a wrestler!! How cool is that?

You can get bespoke shoutouts and birthday messages from wrestlers in the UK, US, Canada and France.

If you are an Indie Pro Wrestler, and are interested in joining the team.. send an email to

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